Knowledge About Water Purifier

Knowledge About Water Purifier

Describe the function and principle of household water purifier

The household water purifier is a kind of clean water equipment. The advanced reverse osmosis technology and accessories from the United States are introduced into the household water purifier. The device produces high-quality water, operates safely, is stable and reliable, is simple to operate, occupies a small area, and can effectively block sediment. , rust, heavy metals and radioactive materials. The water source produced by the household water purifier is delightful glycol, which is a practical drinking water device for families.

内页1The clean water of the household water purifier mainly passes through the reverse osmosis membrane and pressure barrel inside. The pore size of the reverse osmosis membrane is only 0.001 microns, which can effectively block impurities larger than 0.01 microns in the water and produce pure water source. Because household water purifiers require pressure Only when the water is transferred into the reverse osmosis membrane, the pressure barrel is required to pressurize the water, and the pressure barrel has another function, that is, it is used to hold the water source. There is a direct relationship between the size of the pressure tank and the amount of water produced by the household water purifier.

The principle of clean water in the household water purifier: through the five-stage filtration system, the water source is filtered: single-stage filtration: PP cotton filter element, the initial water source is filtered, and the impurities that are visible to the naked eye in the water can be removed.

Two-stage filtration: PP cotton filter and granular activated carbon filter can remove some impurities that can purify water, and can also absorb odor and color in water through activated carbon; three-stage filtration: On the basis of double-stage filtration, more careful PP cotton is added. , to further remove small impurities in the water. 

Four-stage filtration: with all three-stage filtration systems, and then adding a layer of reverse osmosis membrane, the membrane pore size is 0.01 micron, which can remove 99% of impurities in water. Five-stage filtration: In addition to the addition of four-stage filtration, a layer of rear activated carbon is also set to further purify the odor in the water and improve the quality and taste of the effluent.

Basic principles of commercial water purifier selection

The clean water products are more cost-effective: the quality of the products is better, the performance is stable; the use is easier; the maintenance cost and the running cost are lower; there are strong professional skills and excellent after-sales service. Soft water products are used for living water, and water with a certain hardness of 140mg/L-200mg/L is selected for drinking water. Soft water and pure water are not suitable for direct drinking water for a long time.

Soft water may be used for showering and laundry water in areas with water hardness within 170mg/L-250mg/L, and compound ultra-filtered water may be used for direct drinking water.

For showering in areas with water hardness above 250mg/L, soft water may be used for laundry water, and some softened water and unsoftened water should be mixed with ultra-filtered water filtered by a composite ultra-filter in a certain proportion for direct drinking water. Water in areas with high fluoride, high salt, and high sulfur should be selected from water purifiers as direct drinking water and supplemented with trace elements.

内页2Commercial pure water secrets Choose suitable products according to the purification characteristics of different clean water products: some water purifiers can remove water and alkali scale, some can remove sediment and rust, some can remove bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, and some can remove Organic matter, some produce a large amount of water, some produce a small amount of water… Today, there is no all-round clean water product that can meet all kinds of water quality conditions and all kinds of purification requirements. Advice: When choosing water products, please ask professionals first, and then purchase water products that are suitable for you.

How to choose the ultra-pure water machine correctly

Ultrapure water machine selection points:

Use of produced water: Different experimental projects have different requirements for the quality of produced water, so the suitable machine model can be roughly determined; if the amount of laboratory tertiary water is relatively large, the amount of ultrapure water is relatively small, or only Use ultrapure water and the like, describe the usage in detail, select the corresponding model, the more convenient the later use, the lower the cost.

Source water quality: determine the category of the machine according to the type of source water. According to the indicators of source water hardness, suspended sediment content, etc., determine whether an additional pre-processor is required; for example, tap water is the water source or pure water is the water source, or both tap water and pure water are available.

内页3Water drawing method: whether to draw water continuously or intermittently during the working period. Are there any special requirements for water outlet pressure or storage buckets, hoses, etc.;

Peak water consumption: the duration of the peak water intake and the water consumption requirements, as well as the water quality of the produced water, etc., determine the specifications and configuration of the machine, etc.;

Daily water consumption: divided into pure water and ultrapure water to further determine the specifications of the required products;

Working environment: placement, space size, distance of water inlet and outlet, power supply, etc.

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