Is RO Water Purifier Safe?

Is RO Water Purifier Safe?

Is RO water purifier safe?

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people pay more and more attention to their health. In terms of drinking water, they choose RO water purifiers because RO water purifiers have many advantages compared to ordinary water purifiers. RO water purifier can effectively remove all kinds of bacteria and viruses in water, ensuring the safety and purity of our drinking water.

内页1Effects of water purifiers: In April 2011, my country implemented three aquatic product industry standards: direct drinking machines, ultrafiltration water purifiers for household and similar purposes, and reverse osmosis water purifiers for household and similar purposes. In the experiment, it was found that the overall water purification efficiency of these four commonly used household water purifiers was the best with activated carbon plus reverse osmosis, and the worst with activated carbon alone. Nanofiltration was better than ultrafiltration but not as good as reverse osmosis.

Two disadvantages of RO water purifier:

1. Due to the use of RO ultrafiltration membrane, the water output rate of the reverse osmosis water purifier is low. Generally, the highest water yield is only 8%-10%. To purify one cup of tap water, two or three cups of waste water need to be discharged. The cost of water purification is high and it is a waste of tap water.

2. Although it filters out harmful substances as small as ionic, it also filters out useful minerals and organic trace elements. Experts suggest that children and the elderly should not drink for a long time. But don’t worry too much, you can eat vegetables and drink milk to supplement minerals. One glass of milk has the same amount of mineral trace elements as several hundred glasses of tap water.

It can be seen from the above that RO water purifier, due to the use of reverse osmosis technology, has a very obvious purification effect on tap water, and the pure water produced reaches absolutely safe standards. In actual use, it can be used with confidence. 

The relationship between the pure water machine and the number of pressure tanks

In a water purifier, the most important device is the pressure barrel. There is a pressure barrel in a water purifier. The pressure barrel can play a good role in the water outlet, which can greatly facilitate people’s drinking water. However, because some households consume a lot of water, they often feel that a pressure tank cannot meet their requirements. So, can multiple pressure tanks be installed in the pure water machine?

From this communication, it is found that the customer has a better understanding of the knowledge of water purifiers. The pressure barrel is the water storage device of the water purifier. The water output of the water purifier is directly related to the size of the water in the pressure barrel. Theoretically, increasing the pressure Buckets can increase water production. So can the pure water machine be equipped with multiple pressure tanks?

内页2According to reports: This method is feasible. There are some caveats though.

In addition to storing water, the function of pressure buckets in water purification products is to apply pressure to water. If there are too many pressure barrels, the pressure may be uneven and an explosion accident may occur. Therefore, if you want to add more pressure barrels, you must use professionals to help you adjust the pressure. Then use.

To configure multiple pressure tanks, a tee joint is required. The tee joint is a quick joint for connecting water pipes. One end is a single port connection, and the other end is a multi-purpose connection. This tee joint can help the machine to connect 2 pressure barrels. If you want to add more, you need to use more tee joints.

The editor reminds users that although the water purifier can be equipped with multiple pressure barrels, we do not advocate this method (it occupies more space and is cumbersome to move). It is best for users to consider future water consumption before purchasing, and then buy products with sufficient water.

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