• What Is an Ultra-Low Temperature Refrigerator?

    What Is an Ultra-Low Temperature Refrigerator?

    Low temperature refrigerators are refrigerators with a temperature range of -10 degrees Celsius to -180 degrees Celsius, while ultra-low temperature refrigerators have lower temperature control, which can reach -60 degrees Celsius to -200 degrees Celsius, or even lower temperatures.​​ Due to the ...
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  • How to Choose Large Pure Water Equipment?

    How to Choose Large Pure Water Equipment?

    Pure water equipment plays a very important role in people’s lives, so how should you choose large-scale pure water equipment? The following editor will popularize it for you. 1. First of all, you must understand the water quality parameters and requirements of the water you need for produc...
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  • Knowledge of Refrigerators & Blood

    Knowledge of Refrigerators & Blood

    What does the refrigerator do for blood? 1. Refrigerate the blood in a refrigerator to maintain cell viability. We have seen in many articles about vaccine cold storage that the viability temperature of cells in vaccines is 2-8°C, and the viability of cells in the same blood also needs to maintai...
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  • Is RO Water Purifier Safe?

    Is RO Water Purifier Safe?

    Is RO water purifier safe? With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people pay more and more attention to their health. In terms of drinking water, they choose RO water purifiers because RO water purifiers have many advantages compared to ordinary water purifiers. RO wa...
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  • Knowledge About Water Purifier

    Knowledge About Water Purifier

    Describe the function and principle of household water purifier The household water purifier is a kind of clean water equipment. The advanced reverse osmosis technology and accessories from the United States are introduced into the household water purifier. The device produces high-quality water,...
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  • Understanding Hydrogen Generators

    Understanding Hydrogen Generators

    Hydrogen generator is mainly composed of electrolysis system, pressure control system, purification system and display system. Hydrogen is generated by electrolysis of water, while oxygen is emitted into the atmosphere. It has the advantages of large electrolysis area, low bath temperature, good ...
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  • How To Use Infrared Thermometer and Matters Needing Attention

    How To Use Infrared Thermometer and Matters Needing Attention

    Are infrared thermometers accurate? The infrared thermometer has the characteristics of high temperature measurement sensitivity, wide detection range, fast speed, no interference with the measured target, and safe use. It has non-contact temperature measurement, high accuracy, and a voice prompt...
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  • Take You To Understand The Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor

    Take You To Understand The Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor

    What are the aspects of the cavitation effect of the ultrasonic cell disruptor? 1. The direct and repeated impact of the steam-type cavitation on the dirt layer, on the one hand, destroys the adsorption of the dirt on the surface of the cleaning part, and on the other hand causes the fatigue dama...
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  • About Biological Oxygen Demand Incubator

    About Biological Oxygen Demand Incubator

    The incubator is suitable for scientific research and industrial production departments such as medical and health, pharmaceutical industry, biochemistry and agricultural science for bacterial culture, fermentation and constant electric heating and constant temperature incubator temperature test....
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  • Analysis of Dynamic Homogenizer

    Analysis of Dynamic Homogenizer

    Laboratory dynamic homogenizers are suitable for high pressure homogenization and cell cleavage processes in the research and development of food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and biotechnology industries. Steps 1 Preparations before starting the machine Plug in the power supply with the sp...
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  • The importance of centrifuges in the laboratory

    The importance of centrifuges in the laboratory

    The centrifuge experiment is often the basic operation that cannot be ignored in the experiment. A specific experiment will have a corresponding basic operation, which plays a crucial role, which directly determines the success rate of the experiment. Commonly there are how to measure volume, how...
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  • Notes on Autoclaves

    Notes on Autoclaves

    Sterilizer is a very commonly used sterilization equipment The temperature must reach the specified value during heat preservation. Some operators may be negligent and start timing before the temperature reaches, which will lead to insufficient time. Always pay attention to the temperature and pr...
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  • Knowledge of UV Lamp Trolley

    Knowledge of UV Lamp Trolley

    Ultraviolet germicidal lamps are generally used as disinfection equipment, mainly suitable for hospital air disinfection, but also for disinfection in kindergartens, catering services, food manufacturing or processing units, animal husbandry, poultry breeding, and bacteria research units, pharmac...
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  • How do we choose a dental chair?

    How do we choose a dental chair?

    How do we choose a dental chair? What are the characteristics of dental chair design? The dental chair is one of the essential basic dental equipment in the dental clinic, and it is also directly related to the treatment activities. The quality and performance of dental chairs directly affect the...
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  • Laboratory-Specific Ultrapure Water Machine

    Laboratory-Specific Ultrapure Water Machine

    Laboratory ultrapure water device is a kind of laboratory water purification equipment. It is a water treatment that removes all solid impurities, salt ions, bacterial viruses, etc. device. The ultrapure water machine can be used in the fields with extremely high water quality requirements. It is...
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