Biometer Modular Horizontal Electrophoresis Cell for Lab


Biometer Modular Horizontal Electrophoresis Cell for Lab

Short Description:

• Gel dimension(L x W): 200 ×160 and 150 ×160 (mm);
• Runs up to 17 or 34 samples;
• Comb thickness: 1.5 、1.0(mm);
• Buffer volume: about 1,000 (ml);
• Size (L x W x H):360x195x135 (mm);
• Weight: about 1.5 kg

Product Detail

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• Install rubber chamber in the electrophoresis apparatus main body directly, glue and running glue in the same place.
• Can be placed different specifications of the gel on the electrophoresis apparatus main body.
• Simple operation requirements and clamping installation design, high-end product simplification.
• Casting mold with high strength PC material,which is solid durability.
• Thermal design.


• Made of high quality Polycarbonate, exquisite and durable;
• Transparent, convenient for observation;
• Suitable for PCR (96 wells) and 8-channel Pipettor use;
• Power fails when you open the lid for the user's safe;
• Bridge type can save the buffer solution;
• Easy and simple for the end user to use;
• Special gel device for easy and fast gel casting;
• The black band crossing on gel tray makes it's easy to add the sample and observe the gel;
• High resolution of simple separation;
• Anti-high temperature, indeformable;
• Withdrawable electrodes convenient for maintenance;
• Special lid design avoid operation mistakes;
• One gel casting device can cast different size of gel;


Applicable to the identification, separation, preparation of DNA, and measure its molecular weight;

Recommended Electrophoresis Power Supply

DYY – 6C, DYY –12.

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