Biometere Microorganism Virus Bacteria Culture Fermentation Bench Shaking Incubator


Biometere Microorganism Virus Bacteria Culture Fermentation Bench Shaking Incubator

Short Description:

Luxury streamlined appearance design

Stepless adjustable oscillation frequency

Operation panel adopts large color LCD screen

Brushless DC servo motor drive

  • Model: PYX-TJLBTR-ZQP-100G
  • Oscillation Frequency: 30~600 Rpm
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    The shaking incubator is widely used in microorganism, virus, bacteria culture, fermentation, hybridization, biochemical reaction and cell tissue research.  It provides an effective help for the research of culture and enzyme engineering with different requirements of temperature, oscillation frequency and amplitude. It has a wide and important role in medicine, biology, molecular, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection and other research and application fields. 



    ■ Luxury streamlined appearance design, large size transparent observation window, the experiment at a glance;  
    ■ Unique driving system design, stepless adjustable oscillation frequency, can meet the experimental requirements of different dissolved oxygen;  
    ■ Operation panel adopts large color LCD screen, navigation touch button;  
    ■ Brushless DC servo motor drive, speed measurement, long life, maintenance-free, and can be reversed free setting conversion;  
    ■ The speed control of * programmable operation, can be forward, reverse, stop alternating program running, each section of the running time can be set freely conversion.  
    ■ The best motor over current protection function, so that the operation is safer, can greatly improve the motor and control system life.  
    ■ Unique circulating air duct structure, forced convection, more uniform temperature;  
    ■ Door control function, automatically stop running when opening the door;  
    ■ Timing function, time setting range of 0 ~ 9999 (min) hours;  
    ■ Memory function of power failure, avoids data loss caused by power failure and crash;  
    ■ Over-temperature sound and light alarm, automatic power off function;  
    ■ Fault self-diagnosis function;




    Type ZHP-100G ZQP-100G ZHP-100D ZQP-100D
    Standard control system LCD
    Drive Mode Track driven  One dimensional multi amplitude
    Oscillation Frequency rpm 30~600 30~~400
    Vibration Range ~50mm
    Oscillation frequency accuracy ±1rpm
    Temp Range(ºC) +5~60 -10~60 +5~60 -10~60
    Temperature Resolution 0.1ºC
    Temperature uniformity ±0.3 ( ºC) (37ºC)
    Temperature fluctuation(ºC) ±0.3 (ºC) ( 37ºC)
    Size of Rocking Plate 400*370 ( mm)
     Rocking Plate number 1(PCS)
     volume(L) 100
    Timing range 0~9999min(h)
    Power(KW) 0.8
    Power Supply AC220±10% /50~60Hz
    External Dimension 550*780*640mm

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