Biometere Electric Vertical Premium Incubator CE Approved Stackable Shaking Incubator


Biometere Electric Vertical Premium Incubator CE Approved Stackable Shaking Incubator

Short Description:

The combination of three layers saves laboratory space.

 Up-and-down flip door opening mode

Equipped with light and UV sterilization lamp

High-voltage DC brushless motor control

  • Model: PYX-TJLBTR-ZHPZ-228
  • Temp Range: 5~65℃
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    Product Description

    Combined oscillation incubator ZHPZ-228

    It is made of high quality stainless steel mirror plate easy to clean.  Z Three-layer superposition combination takes up space, which can effectively make use of laboratory space. Each layer can be independently controlled and different temperature and speed can be set.



    Main Features

    1. The studio adopts high quality stainless steel mirror plate processing, easy to clean; the combination of three layers, small space, can effectively use the laboratory space; each layer is independently controlled, and different temperature and speed can be set.  

    2. Up-and-down flip door opening mode, pull tray, convenient loading and unloading shake bottle.  

    3. Waterproof baffle is designed around the bottom of the inner tank to prevent liquid from flowing into the lower warehouse, protect the motor from damage due to liquid leakage, and easy to clean.

    4. Hollow toughened glass door, easy to observe the internal situation;  The side is equipped with ¢30mm test hole, convenient to test and meet the demand of oxygen samples.

    5. Equipped with light and UV sterilization lamp, easy to observe and sterilization.

    6. ZQPZ series incubator uses imported non-fluorine refrigeration compressor, with a unique refrigeration working mode, to ensure that the compressor will not be closed due to its own overheating, so as to achieve high quality temperature control effect.

    7. Centrifugal circulating air duct forces the air flow in the working room and makes the temperature more uniform.

    8. High-voltage DC brushless motor control scheme, accurate measurement of revolution, long life, maintenance free;  Reversible working setting can be carried out.

    9. With door control function, the door automatically stops rotation.

    10. The use of five axis one eccentric wheel drive, stable operation, long service life.

    11. Microcomputer large screen temperature control display, setting, observation clear and intuitive.  

    12. Timing function, time setting range of 0~9999 minutes (hours).  

    13. Power off memory function, to avoid data loss due to power off, crash.

    14. Over-temperature sound and light alarm, automatic power off function.

    15. Fault self-diagnosis function.  



    Technical Parameters

    Product Two layers combined thermostatic shaking  Incubator (no refrigeration function)   Three layers combined thermostatic shaking  Incubator (no refrigeration function)   Two layer combined full temperature  Shaking incubator (fluorine-free refrigeration) Three layer combined full temperature  Shaking incubator (fluorine-free refrigeration)
    Type ZHPZ-228 ZQPz-228
    Shaking fluctuation 3o-300rpm
    Shaking fluctuation accuracy ±1rpm
    Vibration Range 26mm
    Temp Range 5~65°C 4~65°C
    Temperature Resolution 0.1℃
    Temperature uniformity 1 (37C)
    Temperature Fluctuation ±0.3°C (37C)
    Single layer maximum capacity 100ml×60  250mlx45  500ml×35、 1000ml×24  2000ml×12
    Timer Range o~9999Min(H)
    Shaking plate size (mm) 850 x530
    Single layer Power( kw) 1.2 1.5
    Power Supply AC220±10% 50~60Hz
    Dimensions ( mm) 1270x900x1250 1270x900x1850 1270x900x1250 1270x900x1850
    NW(kg) 38o 570 420 630

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