Biometer Thermostatic Portable Constant Temperature Incubator


Biometer Thermostatic Portable Constant Temperature Incubator

Short Description:

High-quality mirror stainless steel chamber

Environment-friendly insulation material

Explosion-proof heating tube

 PID microcomputer control

  • Model: PYX-TJLBTR-HYL-8
  • Capacity: 8L
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    1. Small vertical style, streamline shape size and light weight, lid has a handle for easy carrying;
    2. High-quality mirror stainless steel chamber;
    3. Environment-friendly insulation material;
    4. Explosion-proof heating tube;
    5. PID microcomputer control effectively suppress the temperature overshoot, precise temperature control;
    6. High-clear digital display;
    7. Parameter memory over-temperature audible alarm, automatic power-off function;
    8. Touch invisible door seal good lock;
    9. The incubator can be used for car or indoor DC 12V voltage.




    Product name Dry Oven
    Model HWL-8
    Temp. range(°C) RT+5-250
    Temp. resolution(°C) 1
    Temp. fluctuation(°C) ±1
    Heating power(KW) 0.2
    Capacity 8L
    Chamber size(mm) 200*200*200
    Dimensions(mm) 310*320*400
    Packing size(mm) 370*370*435
    Shelf load 10kg
    NW/GW(kg) 10/12

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