Biometer Small Cover Area High Independence Mobile Container PCR Laboratory


Biometer Small Cover Area High Independence Mobile Container PCR Laboratory

Short Description:

Small cover area

High independence

Easy to manage

Higher security

  • Model: HSCYT-CSYLK-YFS-14
  • Dimension: 13.5*2.98*2.98(m)
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    Mobile Container PCR laboratory is designed for virus infected areas where specialized laboratory mechanical contractors are not present. It can be rapidly deployed to help fight the virus threat, such as COVID-19 antibody serology testing, basic TB direct screening and HIV testing. Our new fully transportable container laboratories can meet these challenges. The laboratories are extensive and can be re-used after the COVID-19 pandemic. 



    Main Features

    1. Small cover area. It is a standard container. The experimental process including the equipment inside are built in accordance with the standard PCR laboratory. The storage area is about 52.5 square meters. There will be suitable space in the hospital or the place where the epidemic occurs. 

    2. High independence. The container has completed all the installations before leaving the factory. In extreme conditions, it can even operate independently without external power supply and water supply. It can be used as a vehicle-mounted laboratory in an emergency, and it is not required when transported to the place where the epidemic occurs. Any installation can be used 

    3. Easy to manage. The recommended location for the container is generally in a remote place outdoors, which is beneficial to the isolation of patients or the control of the spread of the virus. Container PCR laboratory effectively avoids aggregation and infectivity. 

    4. Re-use available. The mobile PCR laboratory can be reused. After the epidemic is over, it can be transported to the CDC. hospital, port or third-party testing unit for reuse after being disinfected by professionals. 

    5. Higher security. The mobile PCR laboratory must consider factors such as long-distance transportation and outdoor storage conditions. The test bench and equipment in the box have higher requirements for shock resistance, corrosion resistance. cold and heat resistance .


    Technical Parameters




    (L)13.5m x(W)2.98m x(H)2.98m

    The experimental efficiency

    96 * 4 detection volume every 2.5-3 hours, and the maximum turnover of 24 hours detection is 8-9 times, that is, the maximum detection volume in 24 hours is

    96 *4* 9=3456 samples.

    Areas 1

    Reagent Preparation Area

    Areas 2

    Sample Preparation Area

    Areas 3

    Amplification Analysis Area

    Main Functions 1

    The preparation and storage of reagents, the preparation of the main reaction mixture for the dispensing of reagents

    Main Functions 2

    Nucleic acid (RNA, DNA) extraction storage and production of amplification reaction tubes

    Main Functions 3

    Nucleic acid amplification 

    Main equipment configuration 1

    Ultra-clean workbench, refrigerators, mixer, pipette, UV lamp

    Main equipment configuration 2

    Biological safety cabinet.refrigerators, high-speed desktop refrigerated centrifuge, mixer, water bath or heating module, nucleic acid extractor, micro sampler (covering 0.2-1000ul), UV lamp

    Main equipment configuration 3

    Real-time fluorescent PCR quantitative instrument, centrifuge, pipette, UV lamp


    Biometer Small Cover Area High Independence Mobile Container PCR Laboratory


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