Biometer Factory Price Constant Temperature and Humidity Precision Incubator


Biometer Factory Price Constant Temperature and Humidity Precision Incubator

Short Description:

Humanized design

Intelligent control technology

Fault self-diagnosis function

Safety guarantee function

  • Model: PYX-TJLBTR-HWS-100A
  • Temp Range(ºC): 0-60
  • Product Detail

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    Type HWS–100A HWS-150A HWS-250A HWS-350A
    Chamber Volume(L) 110 150 250 350
    Control Mode P.I.d Microcomputer intelligent control
    Temp Range(ºC) 0-60
    Temperature resolution ( ºC) 0.1
    Temperature uniformity (ºC) ±1
    Temperature Fluctuation Balanced operation ±0.2 discontinuous operation ±0.5
    Humidity control range 30%-90%RH
    Humidity deviation ±3%RH
    Program control functions can set 30 programs   each set time range of 1 to 99 hours
    Carrier bracket (standard) 2PCS 3PCS
    Input Power 8oow 100ow 1500w 2000w
    Power voltage AC220v 50Hz
    Working Temperature +5-35ºC
    Continuous running time Long time and continuous operation
    Inner dimension(mm)W×D×H 500x400X550 500x400X750 550X550X850 550X550X1140
    Outer dimension(mm)W×D×H 640X668X1210 640X668X1410 690x820X1510 690x820X1800


    Main Features

    1. Humanized design


    ● Precision constant temperature and humidity incubator adopts self-developed new humidification and dehumidification technology, the product temperature and humidity control precision and uniformity is better, can achieve the quality of similar imported products.  

    ● Adopt imported fluorine free compressor, long service life, energy saving and environmental protection.  
    ● The studio adopts high quality mirror stainless steel processing molding, the four corners of the arc is excessive;  Good corrosion resistance, easy to clean.  
    ● The separator adopts high quality 304 stainless steel rod processing molding, large load, and adopts new design, without tools quickly disassembly;  Easy to disinfect and clean the studio;  
    ● Double door design, the inner door is glass door, convenient for users to observe the experimental situation in real time.  And the inner door can be locked design, to ensure the safety of the experiment from intrusion.  
    ● The working room is equipped with power socket, and equipped with lighting and sterilization lamp, easy to work room lighting and sterilization.  
    ● Operation interface adopts large LCD screen design, all function parameters are displayed on the same screen, combined with humanized touch button design, so that the control is more clear and intuitive.  
    2. Intelligent control technology  
    ● PID control mode, temperature control, humidity control fluctuation is small, menu type operation page, easy to understand, easy to operate.  
    ● The parameters set by the user can be automatically saved in the case of power failure, and run the original setting program after power on.  
    ● Precision constant temperature and humidity incubator intelligent multi-stage programmable control  
    ● It can preset 1-30 segments of program to run, and can repeat 0-99 cycles (when the cycle is set to 0, continuous cycle work).  
    ● Program control temperature, humidity, time and speed, and can be multi-step program control, simplify the complex test process, truly realize automatic control and operation.  
    3. Fault self-diagnosis function  
    When the device is faulty, fault information is displayed on the LCD, indicating the operation fault at a glance.  
    4. Safety guarantee function  
    ● Independent temperature limit alarm system, audible and visual alarm prompt operator to ensure safe operation without accidents.  
    ● Abnormal temperature (high or low) alarm.  
    ● The device has its own leakage protector switch.  
    ● With water shortage alarm function.  
    5. Optional function  
    ● RS485 or USB interface and software.  
    ● Realize data recording, data communication, graphic dynamic display, fault analysis.  
    ● Optional printer system for data recording, in line with GMP standards.  
    ● Wireless communication alarm system (SMS alarm system).  If the user of the equipment is not at the scene, when the equipment fails, the system will collect the fault signal in time and send it to the mobile phone of the receiver by SMS * time to ensure that the fault is eliminated in time, the test is resumed and unexpected losses are avoided.  



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