BIOMETER China High Quality Competitive Cell Culture Carbon Dioxide Incubator


BIOMETER China High Quality Competitive Cell Culture Carbon Dioxide Incubator

Short Description:

High efficiency filter

Carbon dioxide monitoring and control system

Sterilization system

Humanized design

  • Model: PYX-YH-4
  • Amplitude: 26 mm
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    Main Characteristics


    1. Humanized design

    ※ The CO2 shaking incubator, which integrates the CO2 incubator and the shaking incubator, has the advantages of small footprint and large bottle capacity.

     The large color touch screen displays various parameters on one screen. and the menu-style operation interface is simple and easy to understand and easy to operate; the operation interface has a password lock function to prevent human misoperation and has a timing function.

     Brand-new environmental protection design. brand compressor and unique air duct design, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, not only promotes energy saving, but also has a long service life. Compared with traditional similar equipment, the cooling time can be reduced by more than 30%.

     The inner tank, vibrating table and shelf are all made of 304 stainless steel, with four corners and semi-circular solitary design. The inner wall has been electrochemically treated to resist corrosion and prevent bacterial growth, ensuring durability and easy cleaning and disinfection.

     A variety of special cradles and fixtures are available. The cradle and fixtures are very easy to replace, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

    2. Carbon dioxide monitoring and control system

     Imported infrared sensor is adopted, which has the characteristics of fast monitoring of carbon dioxide gas, high accuracy, and is not affected by the fluctuation of external temperature and humidity. Even if multiple people use it, the door needs to be opened and closed frequently, it can still maintain the stability of the CO2 concentration in the box And evenly. The user only needs to access the CO2gas source to use it directly.

     The CO2 inlet is equipped with a high-efficiency microbial filter, which can filter up to 99.99% of particles with a diameter of 20.3um, which can effectively filter bacteria, dust particles and microbial pollution sources in the CO2 gas.

    3. Automatic control of circulating fan speed

     The speed of the circulating fan can be automatically controlled. When the temperature in the box is at a constant temperature, the speed will decrease, and the circulating wind speed will be adjusted to a wind speed suitable for cell growth to avoid volatilization of the sample due to excessive air volume during the test.

    4. High efficiency filter

    A. Microbial high efficiency filter.

     The CO2 air inlet is equipped with a microbial high-efficiency filter. The filtration efficiency is as high as 99.99% for particles with a diameter of 20.3um, which can effectively filter bacteria and dust particles in the CO2 gas

    B. HEPA high efficiency filter.

     The gas quality in the CO2 incubator is an important indicator to measure the cell culture environment. The HEPA high-efficiency filter can effectively filter out bacteria and dust particles in the outside air, eliminate and prevent cross-contamination between the outside air and the interior of the incubator, so that the interior of the incubator is always In a sterile state. After the door is closed for 5 minutes, the air quality in the box can be quickly restored to the 100-class clean level. The HEPA filter is easy to disassemble and assemble without tools.

    5. Sterilization system

     90high temperature humid heat sterilization system.

     The inner room (including temperature sensor, carbon dioxide concentration sensor, fan, partition and bracket) can be thoroughly sterilized by high temperature and humidity, and the microbial contamination caused by various microorganisms such as bacteria, molds. mycoplasma and other microorganisms in cell culture can be completely eliminated, Provide users with a safe experimental environment.

     Simple operation: the user simply presses the (sterilization start) button on the control panel, the sterilization system can thoroughly perform all the components in the box (including temperature sensors, carbon dioxide concentration sensors, fans, partitions and brackets) Of sterilization. The entire sterilization process takes 18 hours to ensure comprehensive and efficient sterilization.









    Color touch screen controller

    Abnormal operation alarm

    Standard configuration

    Fluctuating frequency


    Fluctuating precision




    Drive mode

    Three eccentric shaft balance drive type

    Allowable load bearing (including fixture)



    Temperature range

    4-65℃ambient temperature drop by 20℃

    4-65℃ambient temperature drop by 20℃

    Temperature control accuracy (stability)


    Temperature uniformity


    Heating method

    Six sides heating

    CO2 control area


    CO2 recovery time

    (Recover to 5% after opening the door for 30 seconds)≤3mins

    CO2 control precision


    CO2 stability at 5% CO2


    CO2 homogeneity


    CO2 sensor

    Infrared CO2 sensor

    Humidity control


    Humidity DPI


    Humidity deviation


    Disinfection method

    90℃ high temperature damp heat disinfection

    Timing range

    0-99 hours, 59 minutes

    Pallet dimension (mm)



    Overall  dimension (mm) W×D×H



    Input power (single)



    Power supply

    220V 50Hz

    Fittings selection (Number of fixing clips for conical flask)

    50ml×82 / 100ml×50
    250ml×28 / 500ml×23
    1L×12 / 2L×6

    50ml×116 / 100ml×66
    250ml×45 / 500ml×28
    1L×18 / 2L×10




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