BIOMETER Automatic Nitrogen Blowing Sample Concentrator


BIOMETER Automatic Nitrogen Blowing Sample Concentrator

Short Description:

 Arbitrary setting, control and real-time display of working parameters

Special airflow purging trajectory and buffer design

12-position independent throttle valve control

Automatic water replenishment function

  • Model: DCY-CY-CHNS-12
  • Dimension: 620*400*330 mm
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    Product Introduction

    Chuanyi series of automatic sample concentrators are used in a large amount of analysis work, especially in the field of environmental pollutants and food safety analysis. In order to obtain trace amounts of target components, the preparation samples need to be pretreated. The process mainly includes There are basic steps such as sample extraction (extraction), concentration, purification, and re-concentration. Among them, how to concentrate quickly and without damage is also a very critical part. Commonly used devices to complete the concentration process include rotary evaporator, KD concentrator and nitrogen purging (referred to as nitrogen purging apparatus), among which nitrogen purging is relatively simple, and it does not require special device design. When the number of samples is small or the amount of solvent When it is small, this method is very convenient. When a large number of samples need to be concentrated at the same time and the amount of solvent is too large, the above concentrating devices appear to be inadequate, the concentration process is time-consuming and laborious (need to be taken care of to prevent drying), and the open nitrogen blowing device is not good for the health of the operators.



    Highlighted Features


    1. Concentrate single or multiple samples at the same time, without manual duty: the automatic nitrogen concentrator uses multiple optical sensors to monitor the concentration process of each sample. When the evaporation and concentration reach the preset volume, the system automatically stops the nitrogen blowing of the corresponding channel Scan, and give an alarm. The entire concentration process does not require manual supervision;

    2. Controlled by a large 7-inch LCD touch screen, and can handle 1-12 large-capacity samples at the same time.

    3. The heating method adopts water bath or dry heating to achieve the safety and accuracy of the sample, the heating speed is fast, and the uniformity is good.

    4. Special airflow purging trajectory and buffer design: can accelerate solvent evaporation and concentration, and prevent solvent splash loss;

    5. Arbitrary setting, control and real-time display of working parameters: The main working parameters: nitrogen blowing pressure, temperature and working time can be set as required.

    6. The 12-position independent throttle valve control ensures the air tightness of the gas circuit. The spiral gas needle (replaceable) accelerates the concentration rate and greatly saves the amount of nitrogen.

    7. The hydraulic double-sealed door mirror protection system is adopted, and the built-in circulating fan system is adopted to prevent the leakage of volatiles.

    8. Easy and safe operation: flexible working parameter setting, convenient sample insertion/removal process, easy to learn and use; fully enclosed design and powerful exhaust system configuration with the instrument can effectively avoid steam and organic volatile components The impact on the instrument and the operating personnel.

    9. Prevent the impact of sample contamination: All gas circuits and related components are made of environmentally friendly materials to prevent samples from being contaminated by the instrument.

    10. The water bath type of the automatic nitrogen blowing instrument has an automatic water replenishment function, and the dry type module can be replaced at will.



     Technical Parameters






    Heating mode

    Water bath heating

    Dry aluminum block heating

    Sample quantity

    Concentrate 1-12 samples at the same time

    Sample bottle volume

    50 or 100 or 150mloptional

    End point detection

    The volume that can be fixed is 1.0mL, 0.5mL or nearly dry (~0.1mL, the solvent can also be blown dry by extending the purge time). Concentrator bottles of different specifications can be cross-used at the same time.

    Temp range

    RT.-100℃ (±1℃)

    Timing range

    0-999 min

    Timing range

    Nitrogen blowing working pressure, 0~0.1MPa (pressure interval change is 0.01MPa)

    External nitrogen pressure range

    0.2~0.8MPa; External permissible pressure,1.0MPa

    gas consumption

    Under purge air pressure (0.1MPa), each channel is about 500mL/min (about 17cfm)

    Constant volume sensitivity

    Ten-level adjustable to ensure more accurate concentration and constant volume of solvents of different colors or transmittance.

    Control mode

    Users can choose manual or intelligent method to control the purge end point according to the actual situation.


    The instrument will automatically alarm when the lid is opened, the concentration is completed, and the nitrogen pressure is insufficient.






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