Biometer 96 Samples Fully Automatic Real-Time Quantitative QPCR System


Biometer 96 Samples Fully Automatic Real-Time Quantitative QPCR System

Short Description:

The software has built-in data analysis modules with automatic baseline subtraction and threshold calculation for determining Ct values or possible standard curves and PCR efficiencies.

Further analysis can likewise be conducted automatically, such as absolute or relative quantification.

The software also includes analysis methods for probe-based allelic discrimination and the use of a positive/negative analysis via the end-point detection of samples.

  • Model: QPCR-KP-Archimed
  • Gradient Zone: 12 Columns
  • Gradient Range: 1-36ºC
  • Temperature Uniformity: ±0.20ºC
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    Technical Specifications

    Thermal Cycler

    Optical Detection

    Block capacity


    Excitation source

    Long-life, high-performance LEDs

    Sample volume



    Highly sensitive MPPC with Fresnel lens

    Heating/cooling method


    Scanning principle

    Time-resolved scanning technology

    Maximum block ramp rate


    Detector position

    Top of the block

    Temperature setting range


    Excitation/detection range


    Heated lid

    Electronic automatic lid

    Fluorescence channel

    4 channels (Archimed X4)
    6 channels (Archimed X6)

    Temperature accuracy


    Detection sensitivity

    1 copy of the target sequence

    Temperature uniformity


    System sensitivity

    Detect differences as small as 1.33-fold
    in target quantities in singleplex reactions.

    Gradient zone

    12 columns

    Dynamic range

    10 orders of magnitude

    Gradient range

    1 36℃

    Dye compatibility

    NEDITAMRA/Cy3, JUN, ROX/Texas Red,
    Mustang Purple, Cy5/LIZ

    Data Analysis Modes

                   Absolute quantification                                 Melt curve analysis
    Relative quantification                                  Protein Stability Screening
    Endpoint qualitative analysis                        Genotyping

    Data Export

    Customizable reports containing run settings, data graphs, and spreadsheets can be directly exported or saved as Excel, txt, PDFs

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