BIOMETER 8000rpm 6*1000ml high Capacity Automatic Low Speed Lab Refrigerated Centrifuge machine


BIOMETER 8000rpm 6*1000ml high Capacity Automatic Low Speed Lab Refrigerated Centrifuge machine

Short Description:

Available with a wide range of angle rotors and horizontal rotors,

Up to 100 custom programs and exceptional versatility.

Applied to bacteria, protein precipitation, nucleic acidextraction, cell/subcellular component separation, environmental sample processing

  • Model: LXJ-HX-LR8M
  • Dimension: 840*730*950 mm
  • Temperature range: -20℃~+40℃
  • Product Detail

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    1. Adopt Mitsubishi PLC (in accordance with EU Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU and IEC_61131-2-2007) and Weilun touch screen (in accordance with NEMA4 protection regulations and EU CE electrical certification standards), with independent research and development control panels and high torque AC frequency conversion The motor is stable and quiet, providing a comfortable laboratory environment.

    2. Fluorine-free refrigeration compressor unit and environmentally friendly refrigerant R404a, with a wide temperature control range: -20 °C – +40 °C, and can be set during the operation of the centrifuge; with pre-cooling function, can quickly cool down to the set temperature With standby cooling function, it can maintain the set temperature in standby mode; it has heating and defrosting function.

    3. It has various early warning functions such as overspeed, over temperature, unbalance, under pressure and over pressure. The special combination damping device makes the motor run safely and reliably, prevents the sample from resuscending and achieves excellent centrifugal effect.

    4. TFT-LCD true color display, touch control mode, display setting parameters and operating parameters at the same time, the operation interface is intuitive, simple and convenient to use; the operation menu can be provided in multiple languages ​​(Chinese, English).

    5. Rear austenitic 304 stainless steel centrifugal chamber with all-steel spray-coated outer casing, one-piece stamped steel front face and three-layer steel protective cover, etc., which are both durable and durable, ensuring the safety of workers and laboratories. .

    6. It adopts mechanical door lock, which is easy to operate and adapt to various harsh environments. Simply close the door cover, it will trigger the door lock system and lock the door cover safely.

    7.10 speed acceleration and 10 speed reduction rate control, can store 16 sets of user-defined programs, can modify the control parameters of running rotor at any time, can display speed rise curve, centrifugal integral curve, temperature curve.

    8. The chassis has casters and carbon steel caster adjustment blocks to facilitate the movement and level adjustment of the centrifuge.

    9. With CFDA filing and CFDA production qualification, passed ISO 9001 certification and ISO 13485 certification

    Technical parameters:

    Model LR8M
    Max Capacity 6×1000 ml
    speed(r/min) 8,000
    Max RCF (×g) 11377
    Speed Accuracy ±50r/min
    Motor Frequency conversion motor
    compressor Fluorine-free refrigeration compressor unit and environmentally friendly refrigerantR404a
    Control and drive system Large torque DC brushless motor, microcomputer control
    Running program 16 set
    Temperature setting Range -20℃+40℃
    Temperature Accuracy ±1℃
    Time Range 1-99h59min
    Power 4.0 KW
    Power SUPPLY AC220 V/50 Hz
    Noise Level <65dB(A)
    SIZEL*W*H 840×730×950 mm
    Weight 270 Kg

     Rotor specifications:

    ROTOR Capacity LR8M
    speed RCF
    Angle rotor 6×500 ml 8000 11377
    Swing rotor 6×1000 ml 4200 5167
    4×1000 ml 4000 4050

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