Biometer 8 Cups LCD Display Fully Automatic Dissolution Tester


Biometer 8 Cups LCD Display Fully Automatic Dissolution Tester

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The dissolution tester is equipped with 8 vessels, 8 cups and 8 paddles.

The head electric lift has high degree of automation.

Standard spraying method and basket method are available.

An automatic height-adjusting clutch is used.

  • Model: RCY-RSD-RC-8K
  • Speed range: (10-300) rev / min
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    1. The RC-8K dissolution tester is equipped with 8 vessels, 8 cups and 8 paddles, it can meet the requirements of the control test for blank and chemical reference standard.

    2. Head electric lift, high degree of automation.

    3. Standard spraying method and cup method are available. Three kinds of dissolution test methods such as small cup method, dish method (album, small dish) and drum method (long tube, short tube) are available.

    4. The automatic height-adjusting clutch is used, and it is not necessary to manually set the height of the rotating rod. Different test methods are applicable, and it is not necessary to repeat the height after replacing different test devices.

    5. With automatic drug delivery function, can achieve simultaneous drug delivery and sequence administration.

    6. Can be administered by granules.

    7. The sampling rack is automatically raised and lowered to automatically determine the sampling point.

    8. 8-channel solvent temperature monitoring, can be set to real-time monitoring or sampling monitoring according to user habits.

    9. Solvent lighting (including dark light drug with red light)

    10. The dissolution tester is provided with a built-in WiFi module.

    11. Can be run online with the sampler.

    12. The bottom surface of the head is designed with a tapered sealing cup cover, so that the evaporation droplets of the solvent fall back into the dissolution cup to avoid contamination caused by evaporation of the solvent.

    13. Adopts automatic centering cup holder and cup holder ring, and is equipped with high-precision dissolution cup. Realize the automatic centering of the rotating rod and the dissolution cup without manual adjustment.

    14. The water bath and circulation line are connected by quick joints and have independent water discharge ports for easy disassembly and cleaning.

    15. LCD touch screen display, intuitive operation interface, easy to use.

    16. Has a user management function, which can be logged into the user account by means of a user name plus a password and a fingerprint, and has a quest account, and any user can log in to the account after being enabled.After logging in, various parameter settings and running tests can be performed under this account.

    17. Speed regulation can be in different dissolution instrument zone, which can do different speed comparison test at the same time.



    Biometer 8 Cups LCD Display Fully Automatic Dissolution Tester





    Stirring paddle swing amplitude ≤0.5mm
    Cup swing amplitude ≤1.0mm
    Deviation between the rotating rod and the vessel axis ≤2.0mm
    Speed range (10-300) rev / min
    Steady speed error ≤±1rpm
    Temperature adjustment range Room temperature -45.0°C
    Temperature resolution 0.01°C
    Temperature control error ≤0.2°C
    14 cups of solvent temperature monitoring resolution 0.01°C
    Dosing interval 10 seconds – 999 seconds
    Sample point resolution 1ml
    Basic test timing ≤999hours 59 minutes
    Program-controlled test program 99 groups * 7 users
    The times of program-controlled sampling 15 times. Meet the requirements of quality consistency evaluation of genetic drugs.
    Program-controlled sampling time ≤999hours 59 minutes
    Working noise <60dB (A)
    Working environment Ambient temperature (5-35)°C, relative humidity ≤80%
    Safety performance In line with national industry standards
    Power requirements AC 220V 50Hz 10A

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