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About Us


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Biometer, a company specialized in one-stop solutions with more than 10 yearsexperience, has been providing professional solutions for different people in government departments, scientific research institutions, universities and colleges across a variety of fields such as biomedicine, advanced material, chemical industry, environment, food, electronics and electrical appliances by relying on an outstanding scientific research team and taking advantage of the platform of the Post-doctoral Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park.
The past 10 years has witnessed the top ranking and public reputation of Biometer in the industry with thriving online+offline business and domestic+overseas development vision. 

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And looking forward, we will strive to supply equipment and instruments with higher quality and precision all over the world so as to contribute to the health and prosperity of the humankind.We, the staff of Biometer, are honored to devote our life to the great cause!


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Biometer has set up branch offices in 18 provinces in China, and has also set up warehouses in the United States, India, Jordan, Germany and Spain. We now have long-term business partners in more than 140 countries.

1-Factory Appearance

Factory Appearance

4-Goods Packaging

Goods Packaging

2-Assembly Workshop

Assembly Workshop

5-Package Delivery

Package Delivery

3-Warehousing Workshop

Warehousing Workshop

6-Digestion Workshop

Digestion Workshop

7-Industrial Park

Industrial Park

8-Laboratory Instrument Factory

Laboratory Instrument Factory


Biometer would like to establish win-win business cooperation with distributors all over the world.

1-Headquarters Office Building

Headquarters Office Building

4-R&D Center

R&D Center

2-Administration Office

Administration Office

5-Exhibition Center

Exhibition Center

1-Factory Appearance

Application Center

6-Conference Center

Conference Center


They can basically speak English, French, Spanish or other minor languages, and there will be no communication barriers, so welcome inquiry!
They are responsible for different products, they are very knowledgeable about the products and can help you solve the problems.

1-BIOMETER Team Attended 19th BCEIA

BIOMETER Team Attended 19th BCEIA

4-The 4th CHINA International Import Expo

The 4th CHINA International Import Expo

2-Department Team Building Activities

Department Team Building Activities

5-Honorary Award

Honorary Award

3-Mountaineering Activities

Mountaineering Activities

6-The 33th International Medical Devices Exhibition

The 33th International Medical Devices Exhibition